Esports betting is on pace to reach up to $8 billion in wagers in 2021, equating to around $560 million in revenue, according to Venture Beat. 

The firm further predicts growth estimates of more than $16 billion in annual wagers in the coming years. 

“Now in 2019 esports betting is one of the most exciting categories in the regulated gambling industry. Even more so when combined with a U.S. sports betting market opening up state by state.”

“With new game titles constantly being released, and an ever-increasing population of esports fans, the trend is clear.”

“Online gambling has spent more than 20 years focused on traditional sports… The emergence of esports as a sport, and consequently, a betting market, represents the first instance in a long time of a new generation entering the fold. This is unprecedented and the interest from the traditional gambling world is immense. For the first time they are facing a generation born and bred on the internet.”