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BBIN launches The Gaming Beat annual theme


For the new year of 2022, BBIN launches the annual theme of “THE GAMING BEAT” that resonates with its origin intention when its subsidiary “TGB Charity” was established in 2018. 

Since COVID disturbed the pace of life in 2021, the world has been adapting to new changes and striving to settle into a new normal. 

The visual design of the annual theme combines a fusion of elements and colorful patterns to demonstrate the spirit and evolution of life. It depicts the growth of life from the original formation of the cell and heartbeat to the thriving development flourished by the sunlight, air and water. 

The vivid imagery of the blue bird and dandelion represent the spreading of hope and positive vibes in the new era, expressing the brand’s goal to achieve sustainable development.

As the annual theme demonstrates BBIN’s aspiration to balance business performance and corporate sustainability, BBIN and TGB Charity will continue to work hand in hand with each other to move forward to the future.  

Embracing the World; Exploring the New Era

Promoting “THE GAMING BEAT” value, BBIN will continue to provide innovative technology and quality services to its business partners and build international partnerships to enhance competitiveness. BBIN also looks forward to deepening the collaboration with major iGaming brands to further optimize the integration and one-stop services for their partners.

Meanwhile, BBIN and TGB Charity continue to work in conjunction with international charity organizations to support charity works and spread hope to every corner of the world. Through TGB Charity, BBIN will be launching a new charity campaign to invite the general public to reimagine, explore, and map out for the new era soon. Stay tuned to BBIN’s and TGB Charity’s websites for the upcoming events, and participate to change the world together.   

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