Judge grants request for IPI assets to be sold to settle civil lawsuits

Imperial Pacific International

A judge in the Northern Mariana Islands has granted a request by seven workers for the sale of assets by Imperial Pacific International LLC to settle its $5.4 million judgement against the developer.

The judge issued an order granting a writ of execution in favor of the plaintiffs, despite a filing by IPI for a motion of reconsideration.

The court has issued a writ of execution to the US Marshals Service for seizure of IPI’s personal property including “all computer hardware, furniture and equipment, motor vehicles and casino gaming machines”, as well as “the two crystal dragons hanging in the IPI casino”.

The move also requires IPI to maintain registrations and insurance for all of the relevant material and to maintain the items in good condition and store each seized item in its current location.

(Marianas Variety)