Comtrade Gaming has won a Dun & Bradstreet’s AAA Platinum Certificate of Excellence, which rates reliability, credibility, and low-risk when it comes to cooperation with all business partners.

Comtrade Gaming meets the highest international standard of excellence AAA and is thus one of the most trustworthy business entities that are entitled to use this internationally recognized status. 

Ales Gornjec, CEO, Comtrade Gaming
Aleš Gornjec, CEO, Comtrade Gaming

Aleš Gornjec, Comtrade Gaming CEO, commented on the receiving of the certificate: “We are very pleased to be recognised for our achievements and see our effort being appreciated by our clients, partners, and employees.

A continuous drive to improve and excel in all aspects of our business assures us the position of preferred employer for young talents and the leading technology supplier to our clients.”

Comtrade Gaming is no stranger to receiving awards; for instance, the company won “Important Employer Award” just earlier this year.