The Gaming Beat Charity (TGB Charity), a subsidiary brand of BBIN, took a new approach to celebrating Halloween, wishing to make people experience a different festival.

In order to create a unique and significant Halloween, TGB Charity has made a series of spooky but meaningful images to raise people’s awareness of vital global issues. Each image, posted on TGB Charity’s social media throughout the whole month of October, inspires people to care about a critical world problem.

Moreover, this image series is also a review of past campaigns that TGB Charity collaborated with several philanthropic partners.
As a leading iGaming software provider in Asia, BBIN has been working with charitable organizations to draw the public’s attention to philanthropy through interesting activities since 2018.

By 2021, TGB Charity has provided assistance in a variety of fields, making contributions to the world. In the Halloween season, TGB Charity dedicates this festive event to all charity partners, who have been making efforts for various global issues.

When you look at those scary images, you may think about the world issues they indicate, and how we can prevent the terrible consequences in the pictures. Together, we can make this world better.