In this special report, we asked gaming industry executive David Croft, former general manager of product and strategy at The Star Sydney, to put himself in the shoes of a patron visiting a casino of the future. What technology will he come across, what kind of experience will he have? We see the entire customer journey through his eyes. 

“The customer journey of the future will all be about removing obstacles and annoyances to make the experience seamless.”

Entry points

The journey starts as early as the car park. Upon arrival, I’ll tap my device on the entry gate.

Sat Nav interaction will direct me to the nearest preferred car parking space.

Before I leave the car, a welcome message will come through, which includes personalized marketing offers.

If I’m arriving on foot, instead, I’ll come through a Gantry equipped with facial recognition software. This has the ability to pick up excluded customers. Fortunately, I’m not one of those and my arrival is acknowledged through welcome messages and personalised marketing offers. I’m looking forward to my personalised offer for the visit. It could be:

  • A discounted meal at my favourite restaurant
  • First drink free at the bar
  • Matched bets
  • Jackpot bonus
  • Triple Points
  • Hotel room upgrade

Either way, there will be something for everyone on every trip to continue to engage and reward customers.

What To Play?

Next, I’m stepping onto the busy casino floor. With technology, the frustration of finding my game of choice on this huge, busy floor has been removed. 

Today, I want to play $50 Baccarat. Easy. First thing I’ll do is open my trusty myCasino app. I’ll see there is one seat available on tables 15 and 16 or three seats on the $75 table – number 18. The app supplies directions on how to find the tables and it also gives me information on the table trends, jackpots and maybe even who the dealer is with a quick tap.

Actually, on second thought, I’ve decided to play Dragon Cash instead. No longer do I need to walk around trying to find the empty machines with the jackpot level I like. Again, on my device I’m now able to see where the empty chairs are and what the jackpot is sitting at. I walk directly to my device without disappointment. 

Getting In the Groove

Once seated, my experience will be a seamless tap to bring funds from my digital wallet to the device. I will have the choice to set play limits and bank any larger wins. I can order directly from the device for F&B – no more hoping the waiter comes past my machine. If I change machines after ordering I am easily found again.

I will get suggestions for games similar in structure to the game I am playing and I may have personalised jackpots – funds that only I can win.

On the table games, similar to a slot, I will be able to buy using funds in my digital wallet. I will have the choice of playing with chips or playing chipless tables that enable a broader range of bet odds.

From the dealer’s point of view, technology will have removed the administration work from the operations of running tables, so the table now opens on the hour, there are no breaks in play for chip counts and the dealers are more attentive to the customers enjoyment due to improved coaching as this is now the focus. With the introduction of smart table technology supervisors are no longer doing hourly head counts and float checks, or estimating ratings.

Thanks to smart tables, my ratings are now accurate, relieving a frustration as I get rewarded for my play, get the right number of entries into draws and the personalized messaging is far more relevant.

In addition to the game play I now have the chance to win mega lotto size jackpots with all devices connected, bringing a real sense of excitement to the property. Lots of winning sounds reverberate across the property and I can play in areas where jackpots are shared between all players in that area.

If the tables are full I can find my games on ETG and my choices have now widened. I can choose to sit with many others in a stadium and share the emotion of wins and losses with them. I can sit in a more intimate setting around a device or dealer with a few others. Or if I want some privacy I can find a private pod just for myself where I can control the game speed.

Due to the nature of the product I have a great choice of games, sidebets and pricing at my fingertips, or I can use my own device to hook into the live games on the floor whilst sitting at the bar or in front of the big screens watching my favourite team play in a comfortable chair. All possible through the digital wallet and integrated gaming systems.

Retiring For the Day

When I am ready to leave I can cash out through one of the devices on property, move my funds to my bank account or just leave them there for next time. If I have valet parking I can notify the attendants that I will be leaving and my car will be ready for me when I exit.

I am no longer carrying cash or loyalty cards, my access to parking, food and drink is easy, my ratings are accurate, the service is outstanding and no doubt after I leave I will receive the obligatory thank you message with a relevant, personalised offer available on my return.