Dallmeier, hemisphere

With Dallmeier’s open software platform “HEMISPHERE”, third-party casino and security systems are consistently integrated with the objective of optimising data integration. Integration which is aligned exactly with the application required in each case efficiently filters, sorts, and localises data from other software infrastructures and merges it from the various sources in a HEMISPHERE system. This approach enables very close integration of systems like access control, dealing shoe, RFID reader, slot machine, money counter or POS (Point of Sale).

The integration takes place via the “HEMISPHERE Interface Modules”. These modules offer a wide variety of plugins which enable further processing of statuses and event messages originating from the connected systems and control commands in the other direction. They include plugins for standardised protocols in the realms of Point of Sale (POS) (e.g., Agilysys InfoGenesis, Micros 9700 / Simphony, Shiji POS System) and Note Counter (e.g., Glory, Giesecke & Devrient).

Regarding slot machines, for example, Bally ACSC and IGT ADI / ABS / Advantage can be integrated as well as RFID readers (e.g., GPI CIS (2.x / Magellan Technology) and GPI CIS (3.x / SMART Technology)). In the area of access control systems, Cardax FT, CEM, DSX Eventcast, Lenel OnGuard, and Maxxess Axxes / eFusion are already fully integrated in Dallmeier HEMISPHERE®. Dealing shoe integrations are available on request.

Therefore, it no longer matters how fast security or gaming operators can fast-forward or rewind in a video management system if the events of the integrated systems are linked to the corresponding camera images. Now it is possible to simply search for the events on a timeline in the Video Management System and perform searches many times faster, for example. The advantages to customers range from more rapid response times to optimised security and business processes.