Sustainable development is becoming the new norm. Global consumers are more eco-conscious than ever. The ongoing evolution of organic has progressed from food to fashion and more to come.  

TGB Charity, a subsidiary charity brand of BBIN, has launched #Sustainability Week on its social media. This June, sustainability topics that are closely related to our everyday lives will be discussed on TGB Charity Instagram account. Participants are invited to join the discussion, find out more about sustainability through the puzzle game, and have a chance of winning a sustainable giveaway from June 1 to June 10. 

During the Sustainability Week, TGB Charity will initiate the discussion of the current issues and the challenges moving forward on various sustainability topics, and introduce ways individual can help protect the environment.

People are starting to live a more sustainable lifestyle and showing more interest in learning about the environment. BBIN hopes to raise public awareness on the importance of sustainable development, and invites everyone to join the sustainability movement to protect our planet.