China LotSynergy subsidiary wins bid for Guangdong sales project

China LotSynergy Holdings announced that Lottnal, a subsidiary of the company, has won a bid for the Guangdong Sports Lottery Centre’s computer ticket game sales project, becoming the first supplier to be selected.

In a filing, the company said this is the largest single batch bid in China Sports CTG lottery terminal market by volume so far this year.

The project adopted a batch bidding process, with a total procurement of 10,000 terminals, of which Lottnal won the largest batch of 4,000 terminals. To date, the group holds an approximately 30 percent market share of this year’s total Sports Lottery terminal procurement volume, and ranks first in terms of the total number of Sports Lottery terminals supplied.

“Guangdong Sports Lottery’s sales have recorded new highs for seven consecutive years.”

In 2014, Guangdong Sports Lottery sales reached RMB16.12 billion ($2.5 billion), accounting for 9.1 percent of total nationwide sports lottery sales, growing at 36.7 percent year-on-year and “advancing from third place to rank second nationwide by sales.”

From January to June 2015, Guangdong Sports Lottery recorded sales of RMB7.2 billion.