Gaming association calls for Macau license extension

The General Association of Administrators and Promoters for the Macau Gaming Industry has called on the government to extend the current gaming concessions in Macau due to the impact of Covid-19.

Speaking during a seminar at the University of Macau, the association’s director, Lam Kai Kong, said he doesn’t expect gaming revenue to recover before the concessions are due to expire in 2022, local media reports. 

He didn’t propose a timeline for any extension, but said it should be for an “appropriate time.”

The government has, as yet, given few details as to how it will handle the process. It has said that the concessions won’t be automatically renewed and most industry observers expect greater demand will be placed in the contracts on the need for diversification.

However analysts also don’t expect any of the current concessionaires to lose their licenses to operate.