Scientific Games unveils Covid era contactless casino products

Scientific Games Corporation has unveiled a number of Covid era casino products, or what they call contactless gaming solutions, to aid casino operators going forward.

Executive Vice President and Gaming Group Chief Executive Matt Wilson explained, “Scientific Games has always been committed to innovation, but it is now more critical than ever to develop solutions that help our partners address and adapt to the new normal. Our suite of contactless gaming solutions enables our partners to deliver a new, yet fun and engaging gaming experience for their players all while keeping them safe. This advanced technology sets a new standard for the industry and is available for our partners now.”

The new products include the Unified Wallet cashless gaming experience, a Social Distancing Module, and Automated Game Sanitization.

The Unified Wallet gives players the power to instantly access funds to play their favorite slots and tables through an app on their personal mobile device, eliminating lines at ATMs to withdraw cash or at a kiosk or casino cage to redeem tickets.

The Social Distancing Module provides three distinct features for operators: Dynamic Distancing, an EGM Scheduler, and Resort and Game Reserve. Dynamic Distancing facilitates social distancing amongst slot players, disabling all games within close proximity once a player cards in; EGM Scheduler allows operators to quickly upload a list of games that should remain enabled on the casino floor and even allows them to do so remotely through the use of a Control EGM feature; and Resort Reserve and Game Reserve allow players to reserve their favorite game during their visit allowing them to customize their experience to their preferences.

The Automated Game Sanitization solution eliminates the manual task of searching for games that need to be sanitized on the casino floor by quickly identifying games that require sanitization after active play.

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