GKL-Kangwon Land agreement on personnel exchanges

GKL-Kangwon Land agreement on personnel exchanges

Grand Korea Leisure and Kangwon Land, both of them government operated enterprises, have entered into an agreement on the limited exchange of personnel as part of the government’s strategy to cultivate its human resources.

The agreement will launch from a modest level, with only one employee from each organization being dispatched to the other for the period of a year, beginning in October. However, the agreement is intended to create a system that will lead to additional exchanges in the future.

On this occasion, GKL is dispatching one of its experts on casino floor surveillance and Kangwon Land is dispatching an expert on the prevention of gambling addiction.

Shin Dong-Hoon, head of Kangwon Land’s human resources team, said, “I look forward to creating a safe and healthy casino environment through personnel exchanges between public institutions.”

GKL CEO Yoo Tae-Yeol added, “Through personnel exchanges we hope that the two organizations will learn and spread their operational know-how in various fields and that this may become an opportunity for mutual development.”