Yokohama Chamber of Commerce presses mayor to launch IR bid

Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi
Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry has publicly urged Mayor Fumiko Hayashi to come off the fence and to quickly make a decision in favor of launching an IR bid.

“An IR is a basic stance on behalf of the future development of Yokohama,” insisted Chairman Takashi Ueno.

“If the city government doesn’t move soon it will be difficult to take action. We need to make our declaration of a bid now while the time is still ripe,” added Vice-Chairman Morihiko Kawamoto.

These comments appear to be their response to Mayor Hayashi’s own recent statements that she was not planning to make a final decision about pursuing an IR bid anytime soon, and that she would be waiting at least until the central government issued its more detailed regulations for the industry.

While the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry leadership is strongly in favor of an IR bid, some other key business leaders and a strong majority of the public oppose such an initiative.