Macau govt begins Covid-19 testing of casino staff


The Macau government has forged ahead with efforts to test Macau casino’s frontline workers after arranging for the “first batch” of casino workers to be tested as early as Thursday, according to a statement from Dr. Leong Lek Hou, coordinator of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Testing is expected to start July 16 at the earliest,” said Leong in a press conference on Wednesday.  “The government and casino operators are in close discussions to ensure work rolls out in an orderly fashion.”

Given the number of casino workers in the SAR, testing would be carried out in phases, starting with frontline casino staff including dealers and security staff. 

As of Wednesday, all casino patrons and guests entering casino premises are required to produce a negative Covid-19 test. Workers have not been subject to the same requirement. 

At the same time, Macau has opened up travel between itself and Guangdong as well as Hubei, without requiring a 14-day quarantine.