Winning with casino systems

Winning with casino systems

Win Systems is a technology supplier providing management solutions, electronic roulette and slot machines to the casino and lottery industries. 

Our product range delivers thorough solutions to cover all needs in your casino, regardless of size. WIGOS, our market-leading casino management system, the internationally acclaimed GOLD CLUB electronic roulette and our innovative GAMESTAR slot machines allow you to build a seamlessly integrated, profitable, and flexible casino floor with ease.

Our CMS WIGOS offers a complete and scalable suite of innovative tools to manage all aspects of daily operation with powerful yet easy to use solutions. Connecting up to 100k machines in 340 casinos worldwide, WIGOS ranks among the Top4 CMS around the globe. The CMS includes leading-edge features such as Intellia, a business intelligence tool for real-time floor optimization, WinUp, a mobile app for players which is fully customizable with the casino image and contents, and WinStats, a powerful app to access the casino key executive information in real time.

Win Systems has recently launched Wigos PlaySafe, a new set of WIGOS functionalities to efficiently accomplish social distancing measures while maintaining 100 percent active positions,maximizing player satisfaction and ultimately casino profitability.

The GOLD CLUB range offers the most compact multiplayer electronic roulette, which allows a maximized return from limited spaces. Its modern, compact design with enhanced ergonomics ensures that players are attracted to the roulette and are comfortable during game play, while the adaptive illumination technology creates the most immersive gaming experience.

The highest industry standards lead the GAMESTAR design process when developing our latest generation of slot cabinets, which are impressive in their usability and striking in their lighting solutions. The wide range of interactive multi-level bonus games, variety of free spins, unique game features and Jackpot Systems mean everyone can find the best game for themselves.