SJM appoints Daisy Ho as executive director

SJM Holdings has appointed Stanley Ho’s daughter Daisy as an executive director, while it also announced the retirement of Dr Rui Jose da Cunha.

Ho has been the deputy managing director and chief financial officer of Shun Tak Holdings since 1999.  She is also a member of the executive committee, remuneration committee and nomination committee of Shun Tak Holdings Limited and a director of a number of its subsidiaries.

Ho, 52, has no fixed term for the position at SJM but will be subject to the rules governing the retirement by rotation and re-election at the annual general meeting.

She is entitled to receive an annual director’s fee of HK$0.50 million (on pro-rata basis) in 2017.

SJM said Dr. Cunha did not seek for re-election for the “reason of change of his responsibility focus as a result of business growth and diversification of the company and its subsidiaries.