LVS COO concerned casino closure to last longer than 15 days

Rob Goldstein

Las Vegas Sands COO Rob Goldstein said on Wednesday that he was concerned the casino closure in Macau could last longer than fifteen days. 

“It’s a scary time for all of us,” said Goldstein to members of the state Gaming Control Board last week. The meeting was unrelated to the coronavirus. 

“It could be two weeks, it could be two months,” he said. 

Goldstein said the Macau chief executive has been supportive of reopening the resorts as soon as possible.

“He (Ho Iat-Seng) has made it clear that he will not be able to make a decision until he gets a further understanding of the virus and its severity in Asia.”

“So far, we’ve had very positive feedback,” Goldstein said. “(He’s) pro-business and we’re hoping under his direction we can get the borders open sometime in the first quarter, but there’s no way to know.”

LVS gaming resort in Singapore has also been feeling pain from the outbreak, with the city-state closing its borders to Chinese nationals since the end of January.