Good Morning. The Macau doldrums didn’t last very long. Most of the residential area in Taipa is queuing up for another round of mass testing over an identified case – in Zhuhai. If you’re looking for a pandemic-resistant phenomenon to diversify into, you’ll do well to look at it esports again. Esports Integrity Commission director, Stephen Hanna, provided casino operators with a two step approach to creating the right conditions in which esports stakeholders are willing to spend: Identify the archetype that yields the results you’re seeking; have the gamer community involved from the start or risk incurring in total failure.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Esports stakeholders are willing to spend

What you need to know

  • MGM to chop 50 percent of the projected Capex for Asia following the downfall in 2Q22 and is cautiously executing Macau, Japan, and the UAE.
  • Korea’s Inspection Board announcement to further restrict yearly visits to casinos to 100 days to have limited impact on the business: J.P. Morgan.
  • Konami’s revenues from Japanese market went down, but the damage was largely cushioned due to recovery in Asia, Australasia, the US, and Europe.

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Esports stakeholders willing to spend, under the right conditions

Casino operators at ASEAN 2022 were told that esports stakeholders are indeed willing to spend – but only under the right conditions. Stephen Hanna, Director Global Strategy & Partnerships at ESIC argued that to do esports right two things are needed: the operator needs to identify the archetype that yields the desired spend stream, be that propensive shoppers, gamblers, diners, drinkers, or clubbers. Step two is to engage the gamer community from the start or risk incurring in total rejection from the same target market you’re aiming to grow. In a fire side chat, Marek Suchar, managing director, at esports operator, argues why you should care about the pandemic resistant phenomenon that is esports.
The report is part of an ASEAN 2022 series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in-person event in Manila. Tune in tomorrow for the discussion around Cashless.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Esports stakeholders are willing to spend

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