POGO hubs to reduce impact of Chinese workers

Jose Tria
Jose Tria, PAGCOR

PAGCOR’s new POGO hubs will help to address some of the concerns that local Filipinos have around the influx of Chinese workers, according to Pagcor vice president Jose Tria on Tuesday.

Tria was speaking in an interview with “The Chiefs”, which aired on Cignal TV’s One News Tuesday night.

“That is the reason why we came up with these POGO hubs. These will be self-contained communities (so we can limit the) interaction between Filipinos and foreign workers,” Tria said.

“As soon as… the private participation is able to set up these hubs, we will be canceling all their authority to operate outside these hubs. We will put them there so it is easier to monitor,” he said. 

During the Phil-Asian Gaming Expo in Manila, Oriental Group announced it would invest in at least two offshore gaming hubs.

“With all the social tensions, we want to put everyone together… When all other people saying so and so with our industry, we want to remove that. We can’t really isolate but at least put it in a place. Within the POGO hub everything will be there,” said Oriental general manager Kevin Wong.

Wong said the government will be able to easily monitor visa compliance and number of workers within the hubs. 

“If you locate in a POGO hub no one would say illegal ‘yan because all the government agencies are already there,” Wong said.

Tria said that the agencies that will be included will be the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Earlier, PAGCOR chief executive Andrea Domingo said that it has approved the establishment of two POGO hubs in  Clark, Pampanga, and Kawit, Cavite, all to be operated by Oriental Group.