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Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Shifting demographics require updating gameplay

Good Morning. Younger punters are looking for a different experience than the older, traditional slot-oriented demographic, with operators and suppliers both looking to maximize engagement with a group that mostly grew up online. Communal play, immersive experiences, updated games all will be key in engaging this and coming generations, say experts. Meanwhile, smart tables are again on the menu, with executives from Walker Digital and Angel laying out the primary benefits they bring to both punters and operators.

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Digital experiences needed to draw younger punters

The traditional casino experience is less appealing to the younger generation of punters, who are used to a more digital, immersive experience. An expert panel points out how game development needs to evolve with the times, as well as understanding players’ desire to feel like they are playing more skill-based games. In addition, the communal aspect of play cannot be ignored – finding a way to engage punters habituated to playing together online.

Corporate Spotlight

Online casinos onboard users in 52 seconds with Sumsub

Sumsub, Online Gaming fraud

Internet fraud is rising in the gambling and gaming industries. If platforms cannot prevent online gambling scams, they face AML compliance issues and reputational damage among partners and users. Thanks to Liveness, Sumsub’s advanced biometric check, companies can stop even the most sophisticated frauds, like hyper-realistic masks, look-alikes, and deep fakes.

How 1xBet dominates the Asian market: conditions and approach

1xBet, Asian Market

1xBet operates in several dozen countries in Asia, and the number of partners in this region is growing steadily, which indicates the effectiveness of the 1xPartners affiliate program. The brand offers favorable conditions and a modern set of tools for making money on the Internet.

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