Nagasaki engages with IR operators on RFP process

The IR Promotion Division of the Nagasaki Prefectural Government has launched a series of explanatory meetings for IR operators considering applications for the local RFP process.

Each operator will meet separately with the prefectural officials from May 29 until June 19. Some of the meetings may be face-to-face and others by videoconference.

The announcement from the prefecture explains, “The names of the registered operators and details of the dialogue will not be disclosed in order to assure the fairness in the prospective RFP.”

The three firms participated in the Nagasaki RFC process that concluded earlier in year: Oshidori International, Casinos Austria, and Current Corporation. However, it has been understood that the prefecture has welcomed other operators to join the process ahead of the RFP.

Later this year Nagasaki is expected to select its IR operator partner for its licensing bid.