Goa, Casino Royale

Hotel owners in Goa want the government to provide tax breaks as key attractions that draw tourists, such as the floating casinos and pubs, remain shut.

“With all indoor entertainment activities closed, the tourists will find it hard to spend time here. Why would anybody fly from Delhi to Goa to spend the evening watching TV in the hotel room. The casinos and cruise ships are the icons of Goa,” local media cited Shrinivas Nayak, owner of the Pride Casino and a five-star hotel in Goa as saying.

To mitigate the impact Nayak said he and his colleagues want the government to provide tax rebates.

Hotels, which were allowed to open last month, have seen occupancy creep up to 10-15 percent and expect that to reach 25 percent in the near term. However, they say there is little incentive to travel to the beach resort.