Asia Gaming Briefings – Nov 2020 Edition

IN FOCUS: MACAU – A place in the Bay

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Be what you want to be – Macau 2021 and beyond

Before delving into the much-discussed path of Macau’s diversification efforts and challenges in the past 20 years, and future outlook, let me take a step back. During Covid-19 there are 3 lines of concurrent thought for a ‘strategic’ tourism recovery, that is, one that better positions the city for greater sustainable development in the medium to longer term – one aim being a diversified tourism portfolio. 
greater bay area

Greater Bay Area project to benefit, but not necessarily diversify Macau

China’s enormous Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative sets out an ambitious role for Macau, though views are mixed on exactly how much...
Macau - Focusing on diversification

Focusing on diversification

While nowhere in the world has escaped the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, Macau has been hit harder than most, with forecasts for gross domestic product to shrink more than 50 percent this year.
Re-imagining Macau for a diversified future

Re-imagining Macau for a diversified future

This pandemic has changed the lives of many Macanese and millions of others globally. In this part of the world, we have moved from controlling its proliferation to managing a potential deep economic fallout as a result of it. 


Cautious optimism October marked a turning point for Macau casino operators

Cautious optimism October marked a turning point for Macau casino operators

Macau’s gaming operators continued to chalk up heavy headline losses in Q3 as visitation to the territory remains low, but executives say they are hitting the breakeven point in October.
POGO shrinkage accelerates

POGO shrinkage accelerates

While government officials have complained about the use of the word “exodus” by local media to describe departing Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), it’s clear that the sector has shrunk significantly and is still shrinking.
Singapore beats the odds

Singapore beats the odds

Singapore provided a bright note in Las Vegas Sands’ latest earnings report, with Marina Bay Sands beating expectations and turning in a profit.
Tigre de Cristal

Summit Ascent looks to next phase of development

Summit Ascent Holdings has reiterated that it is preparing at least US$200 million in investment funds for the Tigre de Cristal second phase development.
Online operators find new home in Myanmar

Online operators find new home in Myanmar

It’s been billed as a $15 billion smart city, powered by the latest in blockchain technology, but in reality it has emerged as a major online gambling hub and the new home to many of the operations that fled Cambodia after a ban on the practice last year.
Sihanoukville, gets a face lift

Sihanoukville gets a face lift

While it’s too early to say Cambodia’s coastal gambling hub has risen phoenix-like from the ashes, there are encouraging signs that Sihanoukville is serious about transforming into a mass market tourism destination, with a significant improvement in urban infrastructure.
The Crown has slipped but will it fall

The Crown has slipped, but will it fall?

There has rarely been a less edifying spectacle in 21st century corporate Australian history than the serial evisceration of the directors of Crown Resorts before the Bergin Inquiry into, among other things, the suitability of its subsidiary licensee of the Barangaroo casino.


Staffing in a crisis

Staffing in a crisis

2020 has been an unprecedented year in the global gambling industry, not least because of the staffing challenges that have been created by the pandemic.


Long-established testing

Long-established testing

Winning with casino systems

Winning with casino systems



Philippines suspends foreign entrants until April 19

The Philippines has banned foreigners from entering the country and returning overseas Filipinos from March 20 until April 19 after a new Covid spike and new variants.
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