Tailored-made approach key to crack Asia

Man with smartphone

Tailored content that embraces Asia’s nuances will be key to success in a region where there are few common denominators on which providers can build strategies for the new decade. When asked to provide trends that span the entire continent, experts point to just two common themes. Beyond that, they say companies need to provide unique solutions.  The first common thread is the growth in mobile gaming on the back of the growing adoption of mobile phone adoption in Asia.  According to GSMA Intelligence, although growth of mobile phone adoption is slowing in Asia-Pacific, with 466 million new subscribers since 2014, the region will still account for more than half of new sign-ups globally by 2025. Around 90 percent of these subscribers will come from India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines. It is therefore going to be more important than ever to provide games that are truly optimised for mobile in...

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