Yokohama draws over 51 million tourists in 2017

Yokohama city, which is now mulling the possibility of an IR bid, drew over 51.4 million domestic and foreign tourists in 2017, according to new figures released by the Kanagawa prefectural government. This represents an increase of 11.8 percent over the previous year’s figure.

About 45.2 million (88 percent) of the tourists in Yokohama were day-trippers. However, other sectors such as large cruise ships are also witnessing dramatic growth, with 2.3 million tourists utilizing the Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal.

The other tourist events or attractions in Yokohama that drew in excess of one million tourists each in 2017 were the 33rd National Urban Greenery Fair (6 million); the Pikachu Outbreak! (3 million); the Anpanman Children’s Museum (2.9 million); Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 (1.6 million); and Marine Park (1.2 million).

Kanagawa Prefecture as a whole recorded annual tourist levels above 200 million people for the first time in 2017, according to the prefecture’s estimate.