Yokohama Chamber of Commerce launches pro-IR organization

Having telegraphed its intention to do so since March, the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry has finally launched its pro-IR organization, dubbed the “Yokohama IR Promotion Association.”

Led by the Chamber of Commerce, eight other major economic groups have joined: Kanagawa Association of Corporate Executives; Kanagawa Prefectural Tourist Association; Kanagawa Prefectural Employers’ Association; Kanagawa Prefectural Federation of Small Business Associations; Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau; Yokohama Bankers Association; Junior Chamber International Yokohama; and Yokohama Foreign Trade Council.

These nine associations are said to collectively represent about 15,000 local businesses.

The two top leaders of the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry—Takashi Ueno and Morihiko Kawamoto—have also become the leaders of the new pro-IR association.

Ueno told gathered journalists, “There are many business people who believe that without an IR Yokohama will have no future of economic development.”