X Stadium

X Stadium’s revolutionary system by idNerd Studio brings customers back on the casino floor to engage in a way that traditional display systems simply cannot.

X Stadium makes the casino & gaming experience look and feel more gratifying than ever before, bringing customers into the seat unintimidated, excited and ready to drop their dollars.

Although there is still a charm to traditional table games, demand for ETG seats has been increasing since its debut in 2000.

The market still had yet to realize its full potential, however, until the arrival of X Stadium in 2017.

Operators that engage with idNerd’s flagship X Stadium product have the capacity to customize and tailor their ETG Stadium Game to meet any number of needs, whether it includes one or more of the following: branding, marketing, seasonal promotions, or – perhaps above all – increasing the Stadium Game ROI.

X Stadium’s latest installment at the LT Games ETG Stadium installation at Sands Macau Casino (April 2019) joins idNerd’s repertoire of successful installations at the MGM Cotai Macau, City of Dreams Macau, Savan Resort Laos, and Venetian Macau.

Future plans for installations across the Asia Pacific are imminent and idNerd Studio is happy to accommodate projects, big or small.

Peter Wong, Founder and Managing Director at idNerd Studios, says, “The X Stadium advanced animations display system seamlessly complements any ETG seat, allowing us to bring Stadium Games into their true revenue-generating potential.

We’ve installed the system in landmark casino establishments and it’s extremely user-friendly. It is a true pleasure to see how every customer reacts to the eye-catching content and how it improves the overall ETG gaming experience.”

“Particularly younger demographics who are now frequenting Macau or casinos across the Asia Pacific are more invested in having a good time. How does a casino floor give the visitor that second-to-none experience? Stadium Games are revolutionizing what a casino experience can be, and idNerd is providing the most important face-to-face aspect of it: high-quality content that gets users in the seat and playing.”