Wynn Resorts upgrades its Japanese webpage

In a clear sign that Wynn Resorts is now in the midst of ramping up its IR campaign, the company’s Japanese-language website has been fully redesigned and upgraded, going live on Monday.

The previous Japanese webpage was primarily dark red in color, but the new one is predominantly white with some blue and gold elements, making it easier to read. It is also considerably more expansive in the amount of information that it provides to the Japanese public about the company.

Only two executives are profiled on the webpage, Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox and Wynn Development President Chris Gordon. Recruitment for the in-country team is currently underway.

In an exclusive interview last week, Gordon told Asia Gaming Brief that Wynn Resorts was preparing to open its first Japan office and is now in negotiations over the office space. He also clarified that Wynn would only be bidding for the major urban markets.

Perhaps revealingly, the new webpage’s section on Wynn’s vision for Japan shows a photograph of the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama. Wynn was among the international operators that submitted proposals in the recent Yokohama RFI.