Wynn gets second sexual harassment lawsuit

Wynn Resorts has received a second lawsuit, this time from 9 female employees, over the way it handled sexual harassment allegations against then CEO and Chairman Steve Wynn, Las Vegas Review Journal reports.

The company allegedly urged employees not to talk to the media about the allegations facing Wynn, while the company founder himself joked about the claims. 

“Wynn Resorts was not interested or serious about protecting its employees, and certainly not from Steve Wynn or his remaining allies in the executive ranks,” the paper reported the  lawsuit as saying. 

Last Thursday, the company received a separate lawsuit saying that there is still a hostile work environment for women who accused Wynn of harassment. 

The lawsuit alleges that Maurice Wooden, the former president of Wynn Resorts, and Troy Mitchum, former vice president of human resources, made it clear that “Wynn Resorts did not want them to tell the media the truth about Steve Wynn misconduct and the years of cover up” at a meeting in January 2018, even though the plaintiffs “knew they had been abused and mistreated by Steve Wynn in years past” and “lived in fear of being chosen (again) by Steve Wynn to be his sexual prey.”

The nine women, all current employees at the Wynn Salon or Encore Salon, said they believed they would face retaliation if they didn’t comply, the lawsuit states.

Wynn is one of the IR operators seeking a license in Japan.