Wakayama RFI gains feedback from 33 companies

The Wakayama RFI process launched in June was concluded at the end of August. A total of 33 companies submitted plans before the deadline.

The municipal authorities provided little information about the breakdown of the companies that participated but did reveal that seven of the companies were international firms—presumably meaning seven international IR operators are in the bidding for this location.

About 15 international operators had sent representatives to the June briefings, so it seems that only about half of them followed through and made proposals.

In May, EY gained the contract to operate the RFI process, with its mission scheduled to end next March. Before that time, the consulting company will work together with the prefectural officials to compile a comprehensive report.

The overall purpose of the RFI process, as had been explained by the prefectural documents, is “to widely hear ideas, from domestic and overseas entities, regarding the resort-type IR which Wakayama Prefecture aims to introduce.”