VR headset owners use devices only six hours a month

    The typical virtual reality (VR) headset owner uses their device only six hours a month on average, according to IDC, a market research firm.

    For a time, VR gaming was seen as a possible solution to the perceived millennial gambling decline.

    In 2016, researchers tipped virtual reality gambling to grow 800 percent by 2021 to $520 million.

    “VR gambling deployments over the next five years will be concentrated in the casino space, which will potentially offer immersive, real-world VR locations,” said the company.

    The research, however, cautioned that the high cost of VR devices may hinder user adoption rates, with only early adopters being game in the short and medium term.

    The optimism from 2016 was countered by the results of the IDC survey, which was based on five localized surveys in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, surveying a total of 1,643 users.

    While the satisfaction of the hardware was adequate – at 7.5 out of 10, actual usage was relatively low, at only around 6.2 hours a month.