Viaan Industries introduces Housie Quiz game

Viaan Industries Chairman Raj Kundra has launched a real money app for popular Indian game Housie, which involves little skill and a high amount of luck, GLaws India reports.

The distinction is significant as real money gaming is only permitted in India for skill-based games, such as rummy and poker. 

Viaan Games’s House Quiz allows players to purchase up to two tickets of Rs. 25 each. The players can choose to play through the live feed format at 8 pm everyday or play through various randomly generated number games held throughout the day, the news site reports.

The twist in the House Quiz game from Kundra is that a quiz question is asked to players after every number, and if a player gets the answer to the question right, they get the number, too, if it’s there in the player’s tickets. On incorrect answers, the player’s ticket number becomes red, which means the player can still play for lines and corners but not for the full house. 

The company claims the quiz element adds skill to the game, in which winners can win 

instant cash of up to Rs 9,999.