Turnkey solutions for Asia

BBTech, an Asian gaming industry pioneer, is offering turnkey gaming solutions designed and developed with the Asian market in mind. With their slot games using superior logic and math, coupled with a design philosophy that appeals to Chinese and other Asian players, online and land-based gaming operators can expect to hit the ground running and quickly build a loyal player following.

With BBTech’s game offerings, your players can enjoy countless hours of fun and entertainment, ensuring player retention is maximized. The e-wallet software allows you to accept any currency and support any business model, whether it be real money, virtual points or otherwise. Other features such as unlimited add-ons and an easy to use control panel, make day-to-day operations a breeze.

BBTech’s games are device agnostic. This means that your players need not download and install cumbersome mobile apps that take up space and clutter their devices. Using the latest technologies in software development such as HTML5, BBTech’s games are created with the player’s convenience and enjoyment in mind.

Regardless whether they are using an iOS or an Android device, even if they are playing on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, BBTech’s games are guaranteed to deliver the same user experience and enjoyment to your players.

BBTech has pre-configured their system to integrate with the most popular providers in the gaming industry. This cuts down the time to launch your business and start generating revenue. Some popular games are also distributed only through BBTech.

For more information, you can visit the BBTech website at http://bbtech.asia/en/home.