Tokyo cops arrest alleged “digital casino” developer

Tokyo police have arrested a man whom they say is the developer of the “digital casino” found at an illegal casino in Kabukicho in late October.

Takayuki Saga, 43, has denied the charges, saying, “I am just a maker of baccarat tables.”

On October 31, ten people were arrested at the digital casino in Kabukicho, including both staff members and some customers. This casino possessed baccarat tables that used monitors and electronic points rather than chips. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police had told the media that they had never seen such a system before. Further investigation led them to Saga.

Police contend that the digital casino operated for six months, from April to October, during which time it gathered JPY140 million yen ($1.2 million) in revenues. It’s customer base had grown to about 350 people.

Investigators have suggested that the digital casino was likely a source of funds for the Sumiyoshi-kai yakuza group.