The strategic importance of Asia

Zitro, a global gaming provider of video slots and the world leader of video bingo, has been undergoing a deep transformation process in the last few years, which has taken them to being one of the leading companies in the international gaming industry.

The ambitious expansion plan of the company places Asia as one of the key markets in its strategic growth efforts.

With an important presence of video bingo machines in the Philippines and the first video slot machines on their way to make its debut in the country, the company is now ready to grow in the video slot market in the Philippines, as well as many other Asian markets, with its sensation Link King and Link Me. Two Multigame LAP products that are registering massive success all over Europe and Latin America.

Nadège Teyssedre, Sales Director of Zitro for EMEA states that: “Link King and Link Me are both products that are popular anywhere where they are placed, regardless of the demographics of the players. These kind of products are very rare and are usually the ones that take suppliers to the next level in our competitive industry. The proven performance of these games in very different markets on an international scale make us very sure about the great acceptances they will have also in Asia, where we will be launching them very soon.”

Rodney Hall, Sales and Operations Manager for Zitro in Asia adds: “I have never seen a company growing as fast and strong like Zitro has in the last few years. The exceptional performance of our games, combined with the constantly increasing and diversified product library, has made of Zitro a Sure Bet in the Philippines, in Asia, and in the World.”


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