Tenman’s Matt Pryor joins Best Sunshine

Former executive director for Las Vegas Sands, Solaire Resorts builder, Tenman Project Management Holdings Limited, Matthew Pryor, has joined Best Sunshine to take the lead in its construction of the $7.1 billion casino project on Saipan.
Pryor was introduced by Best Sunshine CEO Mark Brown in a press conference Sunday afternoon at their headquarters on the fifth floor of the Marianas Business Plaza, the office formerly held by the Philippine Consulate.
Pryor said they have yet to determine the sites for the integrated resort and said they are talking with three or four architectural groups.
He said they would like to focus on implementing a “locals first” policy, but he sees a significant need for overseas labor and materials.
Pryor sees the island’s geographic location as its own selling point compared to other casinos which are in an urban setting.
He also sees utility and telecommunications infrastructure as a major challenge. But he said they will be working closely with the utility company on Saipan to determine capacity. He also said they will look into the potential of solar power or other alternative sources of energy.
Pryor confirmed that they are still working on the design, saying that it all hinges on the location, “site specifics”, and that there is no generic design for their facilities.