SVH terminates consultancy agreement with Nepal partner

Australia-listed Silver Heritage Group has terminated its consultancy agreement with one of its Nepal partners, Rajenda Bajgain, after he accused the company of illegally hiring foreign workers.

Earlier this month, Bajgain told local outlet My Republica that he had been consistently lobbying for the recruitment of only Nepali citizens at the casino, which were rejected by senior management.

Bajgain claimed that five senior staff working at the Nepal casino were doing so without work permits.

In a filing to the Australian Stock Exchange last week, SVH said that it terminated its consultancy agreement with Bajgain, though he remains a director and shareholder of the company’s Nepal incorporated subsidiary, SHL Management Services Pvt Ltd.

SVH also noted that discussions with Mr. Bajgain in regards to his relationship with the company are ongoing, and that it is now investigating claims made by Bajgain, and is liaising with Nepali authorities on the matter.