SUZOHAPP unveils the new CashComplete range

SUZOHAPP is pleased to introduce the new CashComplete product range, designed to improve business at all levels optimizing accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection.

The North American premiere of the range will be at stand 4233 during the G2E show.

The new range is comprised of 3 product lines – SDS, SPS and RCS – and also includes the unique CashComplete software platform that is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash. The new CashComplete range is a versatile solution for different industries, such as Gaming, Retail, Hospitality, Grocery and Convenience Stores, where cash volume, security and handling takes up a significant amount of staff time. CashComplete can help by monitoring cash levels, validating bills to prevent acceptance of counterfeits, and simplifying the verification process to securely store notes, protecting from theft.

The SDS brand includes four Smart Deposit Solutions (SDS-25/30, SDS-500/600), which optimize the cash deposit process during point of sale and back office operations. With these advanced solutions you can get the most out of your work force to reduce labor costs up to 65 percent.

The SPS-300 is the Smart POS Solution, the recycling system that fully automates the cash handling at the point of sale, speeding up the process and increasing productivity and efficiency. By integrating the SPS-300 into the front-office POS system, you can save time by recycling your working capital instead of requesting frequent CIT pickups and deliveries.

Finally, the RCS series includes three Recycling Cash Solutions (RCS-100, RCS-500 and RCS 600) that are strong back-office solutions for any market. With the RCS Solutions you take control of cash through an efficient cash cycle in all areas of business, from internal cash handling to CIT operations. This ensures both time and cost savings, as well as an improved customer service.

“We are not just launching a new range but offering unique smart solutions able to dramatically improve business with cash management intelligence and enable people to gain a quick return on investment. Make CashComplete part of your daily operations and decision-making, instead of spending time on administration and counting. Our solutions can really help you to revolutionize your business” comments Ron Partridge, SUZOHAPP President –Americas.


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