Superior WAF service demand growing

    Interview with Continent8, Craig Lusher, business development manager

    What has been the biggest development for your company in Asia this year?

    Continent 8 continues to invest in its European and North American cloud services offering with a new node added to Taiwan to serve the Asian market. DDoS mitigation offerings continue to grow in capability with the addition of SSL and WAF services. USA continues to see major expansion with facilities now launched in Newark, Philadelphia, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,  and New Jersey. Continent 8 will continue to serve all US states as they are regulated. Network capacity continues to increase globally with new optimised routes to meet the demand of low latency and redundancy throughout Asia.SD WAN services will be launched in the very near future.


    Where are you experiencing the most demand at present?

    DDoS mitigation services – C8 employ a technique that can offer auto-mitigating DDoS protection- with this, attacks can be mitigated near instantaneously with minimal degradation to service.

    High demand exists for a superior WAF service that can properly mitigate application vulnerabilities. C8 are working with technology partners to bring a new bespoke offering into the marketplace with formal launch imminent.

    New licencing models are seeing many Asian companies look West to Europe and likewise European companies to the East. C8’s global network is built for the gambling and casino industry, C8 is the only provider to offer its services in all global gaming jurisdictions – This makes Continent 8 unique in that it is the only effective global partner to serve the gaming industry.


    What are your plans for 2019?

    Imminent product launch for SD-WAN to enable a more fluid approach for connectivity options – connect Asia to RoW and an imminent product launch for WAF to bolster C8’s ‘Secure’ product suite. A Service Operation Centre will open this calendar year and is planned for Australia.

    Which do you see being the most promising markets in the next few years?

    Business in Taiwan continues to grow rapidly.  As with the US and Europe, Continent 8 will continue to expand its service offerings to serve all regulated and active gaming jurisdictions, including Asia, in line with our strategy to serve all global gaming jurisdictions and single partner of choice

    Are you making any changes in Asia, either expanding your team, or management, to take advantage of market opportunities?

    Peter Williams was appointed as Managing Director for Asia and relocated to Manila. Peter will lead the rapid expansion of services and resource across Asia having worked with Continent 8 for over 10 years.

    He will grow the local Asian team with plans for sales, solutions architects and will leverage a highly effective centralised marketing and operations function.