Sugal & Damani launches India’s first mobile lottery app

India lottery distributor Sugal & Damani has become the first operator in the country to offer the sale of lottery tickets through mobile, local media reports.

The company is set to roll out its “Luckykhel” mobile app over the next few days.

“No trade can ignore the digital medium. There’ll be 468 million smartphone users by 2021,” says Kamlesh Vijay, group CEO of Sugal & Damani (S&D) during an interview with the Economic Times.

“We’d be able to reach out to more customers via mobile phones. Our costs would go down and we’ll be able to sell lotteries round the clock,” he added.

S&D claim to have around 75 percent market share in the online lottery business, with over 20,000 point-of-sale terminals across the country.

“By opening a mobile distribution channel, we’re trying to bring on board many more customers. We’re targeting anybody who is above 18 years of age,” said Vijay.

Vijay said that KYC measures have been added to the app, along with other security features – such as geo-location, to ensure that players from non-lottery friendly states are not able to access the service.

The company said it will start selling Goa, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh state lotteries through mobile, and is also working to get Punjab and Maharashtra on board.