Sugal & Damani Group launches Khel Group platform

Khelchamps Logo

Indian gaming company Sugal & Damani Group has announced the launch of a new fantasy sports website, KhelChamps, local media reports.

The fantasy sports site will be run by its a newly formed entity, Khel Group, which also manages a rummy website, Khelplayrummy.

Under Khel Group, the company operates Pokerstars India through Sachiko Gaming Pvt., in partnership with Pokerstars.

The latest announcement means that Khel Group has become the first online gaming group in India offering rummy, fantasy sports/games and poker together in the one platform.

Mr. Naveen Goyal, CEO, Khel Group said, “With Khel Group, we intend to augment the online gaming experience along with consolidating several gaming offerings. The purpose of Khel Group is to create a strong single platform and identity which is imperative for the brand to communicate effectively with our different stakeholders. I look forward to this new and exciting phase of our journey.”

Mr. Nitesh Damani, founder and promoter of Khel Group said, “India’s growing internet consuming population and smartphone penetration coupled with reasonable data prices is creating a revolution in the online gaming sector. Hence it is important to keep upgrading the back-end technology to intensify our product offerings and give the best user experience to stay relevant to them from time to time. With our foray into the fantasy sports, we are expanding our capabilities and adding value to the customers by offering them ample options to choose from, by way of which our vision to be the only online gaming group offering multiple games can be reinstated.”