Stepping up the pace

GameCo LLC, creator of the world’s first Video Game Gambling Machine, will showcase a key innovation whereby their games can achieve a similar pace of play as traditional slot machines, providing an increased level of Coin-In as well as a much greater degree of player engagement.

The first “GEN 3” title, which launched recently in New Jersey and Connecticut, is an updated release of “Nothin’ but Net”, a fast-paced realistic 3D basketball game. In “Nothin’ but Net 2” players take multiple shots on basket, each shot corresponds to a single bet with denominations comparable to a slot machine spin. If a player makes 10 out of 15 baskets, they enter the bonus round where they have a free chance to win a Progressive Jackpot.

GameCo will also debut its new Multiplayer Challenge Mode, The pioneering new multiplayer system will allow up to 64 players to compete head-to-head in video game gambling competitions on the casino floor. Complete with a leaderboard system for tracking results and payouts, the Multiplayer Challenge Mode brings a true esports-style experience to land-based casinos. From action and fighting games, to sports, racing, and casual games, GameCo titles will now be supported in multiplayer formats. 

Find GameCo at booth # 5034.