Sports betting on rise while gambling machines decline


A study by Southern Cross University found that 64 percent of Australian adults had gambled in the past year, down from 82 percent in a 1999 survey. The survey, which involved 15,000 people, showed that participation in interactive gambling rose to 8.1 percent from 0.6 percent. Meanwhile, sports betting doubled in popularity while electronic gambling machines participation was halved from 39 percent to 19 percent.

A separate study of Australian youth found that a quarter had played gambling-style video games and nearly 10 percent had played social gambling games. About 5 percent of those surveyed, who were between 13 and 17, had played mobile-phone gambling games. The survey, by the University of Adelaide, found about 2 percent had tried to gamble with real money online. About 40 percent who had tried a gambling game intended to gamble with real money in the future. Dr. Daniel King, the university researcher, said many of the gaming apps misrepresent real gambling odds by making it overly easy to win.