Spectrum identifies top gaming trends for 2019

    Asia’s online gaming industry is set to face increased scrutiny from China and international regulators in 2019, which will include a crackdown on casino streaming services offered in Philippines and Cambodia, said Spectrum Gaming Group in a note on Monday.

    The prediction was made as part of Spectrum’s 15th annual list of Most Important Trends that the global gaming industry needs to monitor in 2019.

    The group also sees an increasing number of jurisdictions around the world will seek to authorize integrated resorts, which they see as “the most effective means of leveraging gaming as an economic tool to help achieve their policy goals.”

    Concurrent with the crackdown on the online gaming industry, Spectrum said it expects changes to the Asian junket industry, with some junkets positioning themselves as casino operators and others forced to go out of business as the reliance of junkets in Macau diminishes.

    The opening of sports betting in the US will attract European and Asian B2B sports-betting and online gaming providers – who will seek points of entry into the US market.

    “This will prompt legislators and regulators to develop clear, uniform definitions as to what constitutes a gray or black market,” said Spectrum.

    Esports will also continue to pique interest in the land-based market, with more gaming and pari-mutuel operators seeking esports offerings in the future, “in part to better leverage under-utilized space, and in part, to address an aging slot demographic.”

    “Offerings will range from offering esports as an amenity to ultimately offering esports as a wagering opportunity,” said Spectrum.