Social slots players aren’t that young

social slots

With the average social slots player over 40 years of age, social gaming isn’t just for the young generation, says the chief executive of Club8casino at an international regulators conference on Tuesday.

“It’s not just millennials,” said Michael McCarthy, speaking at the IAGR conference during a discussion on ‘Social gaming and the convergence of gambling and gaming’.

According to McCarthy, the average social gaming slot player is 40.9 years of age, and is likely to be female.

“Social gaming is not just for millennials,” he said, adding that social slots account for 38 percent of all social casino revenue and 80 of the total audience.

Also present during the social gaming panel was industry researcher Sally Gainsbury, who discussed correlations between social casino players and problem gamblers.

According to Dr Gainsbury, 18 percent of social casino gaming users had perceived themselves to have a better chance of winning in a real life casino, which she says is caused by inflated payout rates, as compared to an equivalent real money game.