Slots venue operator sues CNMI government

Slot machines owner Sin Ho Nam and operator Dan Bin Choi LLC are suing the CNMI government over new zoning restrictions that have forced the company to relocate its slot machines.

According reports from local media, the lawsuit states that the CNMI government had deprived the company of slot machines they purchased, set up and paid fees to operate – without due process.

The “Saipan Adult Machine Business Zoning Law of 2013” was enacted in late October 2013, and its zoning restrictions took effect late last month.

The restrictions state that adult gambling machine businesses have to be located in an Adult Business Park, a Tourist Resort, Garapan Core, Garapan East, or Beach Road Zoning Districts.

Within those zones, they must be at least 200 feet from other adult gambling machine businesses and from any church, laundromat, school park or playground.

Nam, and his company Winnerslife Inc. own 19 slot machines in the CNMI, which are located in Kagman and Finasisu.

Dan Bi Choi LLC currently operates a number of poker machines owned by Winnerslife.