SJM opens Jai Alai beauty store

SJM Holdings on Tuesday held an opening ceremony for Jai Alai Avenue, a 30,000 square feet cosmetics and beauty retail space.

The retail space includes over 60 famous cosmetic brands such as Givenchy, Whoo, Balmain Paris Hair Couture, Canvas Beauty, La Biosthetique, Adore, Odile Lecoin, B.C.A.D, Biellee and IDS, some of which make their debut in Macau.

The space forms part of SJM’s Jai Alai complex, which upon completion will bring a leisure and entertainment complex comprising a casino, hotel, restaurants, cosmetics and beauty centre and other retail facilities, as well as exhibition space for art and culture.

The opening was attended by SJM chairman Dr. Ambrose So, Angela Leong, managing director and chief administrative officer and director Dr. Rui Cunha.