Silver Heritage to get Nepal license within two weeks

Nepal’s government is likely to grant a license for Silver Heritage to open the Shangri-La casino in the capital Katmandu within the next two weeks, local media said.

A few days ago, the regulatory body issued a special pre-approval, which said that Silver Heritage should prepare the casino for its re-launch.

Silver Heritage said in December that is was opening a casino in the Shangri-la Hotel & Resort as part of a planned $100 million in phased investments in five-star facilities across Nepal.

The company also said it’s developing a hotel and conference resort in the city of Bhairahawa.

The new casino, The Millionaire’s Club & Casino will be a boutique casino operating under the new Nepal gaming regulations, and will house 22 live gaming tables and 40 electronic gaming machines.

The casino will be primarily aimed at providing expanded gaming opportunities for customers from the growing Indian and Chinese markets, as well as the growing expatriate community living in Nepal. It is expected to open its doors during Q1 2015.