Shizuoka city eliminated as IR candidate location

The prospect that the Nihondaira plateau in the center of Shizuoka city might become host to an IR bid has been eliminated about six weeks after it was first proposed. Shingo Amano, the candidate for mayor of Shizuoka city who championed this initiative was defeated in elections on Sunday.

Amano’s bid to unseat incumbent Mayor Nobuhiro Tanabe fell short, though he did gain a respectable 38.5 percent of the vote and placed second in the three-way race. However, the majority of the residents of Shizuoka city rejected the notion of bringing back their former mayor with his plan to use an IR bid to revitalize the local economy.

Shizuoka city’s withdrawal from the IR race may be welcome news in Makinohara city, where the local authorities have been moving aggressively to put together their own IR bid, and now they can be reasonably assured of having no rival within the same prefecture.