Sega Sammy aims for “top share” in Kanto region IR consortium

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Sega Sammy Holdings President and COO Haruki Satomi said his firm was aiming for the “top share” in any IR consortium to be built in the Tokyo-Yokohama region.

“If we assume a development in the capital region,” Satomi stated at a Sega Sammy  management meeting held on November 30, “then it will possibly be a very large-scale project. I don’t know exactly what the equity shares will be, but we would like to take the top share, and our investment level will have to be at that magnitude.” Satomi added that the precise investment levels would depend on the estimated rate of return.

Asked about the Osaka Yumeshima IR concept, he noted that the construction of sufficient transportation infrastructure remained a matter of some concern. He also suggested that Sega Sammy would be less proactive in that region “because we are a Kanto region company.”

Satomi also revealed that the number of company staff members to be given direct IR industry experience overseas—principally at the Paradise IR in South Korea—would shortly be expanded to 100 people from the current 60 people.

Finally, Satomi is promoting the notion that Sega Sammy should be entrusted with a major IR precisely because it is a Japanese firm: “As a Japanese company, I believe that what differentiates us is that we can do more here in terms of our responsibility and our preparation for the casino IR business.”